Monday, June 8, 2009

Rooftop Shoot - Tacoma Wa

I've been working Angie for over a year and a half now and over that time we've become quite good friends, even outside of photography. It was a beautiful night so out went a few phone calls. Along with a couple other photog friends (and one new one) we setup on the roof of my friends condo building here in downtown Tacoma. We shot with the sun setting through the skyline with the help of two small flash heads shooting through white umbrellas with a gold/silver reflector for a little fill light.

As the wind kicked up, we took turns shooting and holding/adjusting the lights for whomever was behind the lens.

I lucked out to be shooting as the sun fell just right and I was able to work with some 'socal Jerry Bruckheimer' golden light coming through my lens. I was able to pick up just a spot of flare (some of which I had to remove in post as it messed up parts of the shot) that gave this shot a feel that really resonated with me. I know technically its not that great of a shot but the light, the dress and the sun seem to tie together quite well.


Part of me is really happy with this shot while a lot of me is rather displeased. I clipped Angie's arm and my focus was off but the flare and the light was too good to pass up.

Lessons learned/remembered:
- Know your gear in and out
- Capitalize on the moment (know your gear so you can!)
- Have good friends/helpers
- Be creative
- Share the love!
- Have fun, meet new people

So here's to shooting with friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends' friends. You never know who'll you'll meet.

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