Thursday, November 26, 2009

AP1 Honda S2000

What started as one rather upset dude, has turned into a rather happy guy.

Long story short, I was forced to do a little paint work on the hood of the car due to a leak in the garage and I decided to document the damage to my car in case I wasn't able to repair the damage. That led to about 20mins in the garage (post paint fix) snapping away.

My building has many vacancies so the garage tends to be pretty empty so I took full advantage and really spent some time thinking about my subject and the details around it.

I've taken pics of my car a million times but I always feel that when I'm shooting a car, I need to take some alone time with it and just drink in the details of the machine. Mind you this isn't a detail shot, I still like to consider all the different angles - all the shapes and curves of the body and find the perspective that is most flattering. This one works for me big time.

Yes, I did spend a bit of time with this in photoshop and I'm pretty pleased with the result. Its got a pretty commercial feel to it which I like a lot. I was toying with some new tricks and am pleased with the outcome.

Car is 100% stock.
OEM Front lip/OEM Rear Wing/Factory Hard Top


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  1. Awesome shot. I hope the paint works out...

    --Spec K