Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beard Removal Project - Technical

For my more technical followers, here's the breakdown on the setup for my Mini Project in Black and White.

The setup and work flow is really fairly simple for this set/project. My main goal was to go for simplicity because I wanted each shot to look exactly the same as far as the post treatment/black and white conversions went.

First, the camera/light setup:

Look here for some additional notes on the setup:

The flash was high just right of the camera; The flash tripod and the camera tripod were RIGHT next to each other. The flash was a 580EX at 1/8 +.7 power through a white shoot through 42in umbrella. White reflector below for fill. I had a large white roll of tag board behind me for the backdrop.

Camera settings were...
Canon 5D
50mm 1.8
"Standard" in camera processing
shot in raw

I dumped the shots into CS3 and the fiddled in the canon Raw editor, documenting my settings (secret! ha!) and then opened in CS3. I created an action with the look and feel I wanted and then applied it to all the shots for consistency.

To create the grid, I opened a new blank canvas in CS3 with the required dimensions to leave a space between (1200x800 times 3 in each direction with an extra 200 pixels on either end totaling 3800x2600) the shots and then just copied each shot and pasted onto the blank canvas. I Merged the layers and did a final tweak on the levels for a little more punch.

Here's the final -

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