Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mini Project in Black and White

Well its been some time now since I offered a proper write up on my photography doings and this little project is more than enough reason, and its got a nice little story to go here goes.

I grew a beard. It itched. I was lazy and didn't feel like shaving it off and my girlfriend kinda liked the look so I kept it around despite a few odd looks and comments at the office. Time passed, moons came and went (ok well maybe just one) and so it was time to shave it off.

I don't share many traits with elephants but a good memory is one of them (my friends may disagree with me on this) and I recalled my good friend Nick who after having been sick for a week and had a solid start on a beard, thought to shave it off in stages, taking cell phone pics along the way. I decided to steal his idea when the time came to shave of my beard and here's what we've got.

I consulted my girlfriend on the idea and she was super excited to help. This mini project also would be a great chance to test out a lighting setup for another project 'Friends' that I'm about to start (more on that later). So we disassembled my apartment and got my 'studio' setup and Liz thought of some questions. She did an awesome job at asking me provoking questions and timing the shots getting some awesome expressions. I've never had so many 'keepers' in a single set of shots - huge thanks to Liz for this.

We had a great time getting the shots and watching her reactions to my various states of facial hair was awesome (she apparently doesn't like goatee's - she about ran out of the room when she saw me with it).

Today we finally had a bit of time to settle down and pick out the shots to use and I dumped them into photoshop and did the (rather simple) edits. I will make another post on the lighting setup and the work flow breakdown for this project in a separate post.


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