Thursday, April 29, 2010 and Vanilla Bean Cafe

As per normal, its been far too long since my last post (they all start out that way don't they?)

Earlier this year I came to know Kelley through a mutual friend and I learned he was starting his own salon here in Tacoma. His space is inside the Vanilla Bean Cafe on St. Helens and after getting to know each other, we quickly decided to get to work on a project together.

Kelly and his sister Tobe had purchased some advertising space and wanted a shot to use for the advertisement. We knew that we were going to be working with an open minded audience so we decided for an edgier look. We wanted to stand out and the goal was to leap off the page and look different than anything else in the magazine. We experimented with a few different things but in the end decided to go with the 'Cigarette Ad' as we came to call it.

Over the course of our shoot, we tried a number of different looks and towards the end of the night I spotted a pack of smokes on the counter and said, 'experiment with this'

Whats the lesson here? Even if you have a number of shots fully planed out in your mind and on paper, don't be afraid to deviate slightly and experiment. When you're in the middle of shooting and the creative mind is working at full speed, don't be afraid to try something different, it might just end up being your final image.

Before long the shot was in the bag and we were putting Tobe's Cafe back to the way we found it. Its true, 90% of photography really is moving furniture.

Here are a couple different shots from the night and what was eventually printed.

Big thanks to Kelley, Tobe and especially my girlfriend Liz for helping direct the shoot.


Our second favorite shot, ultimately unused

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